We tried Butterfly Books and our children love it. They unwrap their own books and can’t wait for story time. At first we were a little nervous not knowing what books were coming, but the books selected have become our children’s favorites. We wanted other children to share the same experience so we started buying subscriptions as birthday presents!


I’m so happy I gave Butterfly Books a chance.

The idea of someone else sending a book to my kids every month was a little different. However, once we got our first book we knew we had made a good decision. The books we received are intriguing and fun. These books are not readily available in typical book stores. Helen takes the time to select books that suit my kids interests and needs. They have quickly become our favourites!


We have a house full of children’s books, and my kids love every one of them. But with my daughter just starting to read, I thought it was important to celebrate and support her new adventure with books. Add to this her longing to receive a package in the mail just for her, and Butterfly Books seemed like the perfect solution. Every month her face lights up when she receives her new book, and the selections have been terrific: interesting, diverse, and customized just for her. This is a wonderful, meaningful gift for any child.


I would like Helen at Butterfly Books to know how happy I am with the service she has provided on two separate occasions.

My two year old grandson, along with his mother, aunt, and grandmother, were absolutely thrilled with the arrival of the carefully selected books each month in the mail. Not only were the books age appropriate, but also the themes were perfectly matched to the whole family. Not sure who loved reading them the most, the little one or the adults!!

I was also so pleased to hear that the parents of a newborn I gave a gift subscription to are over the moon reading the newly arrived books to their little one.

As far as I am concerned there is no better gift to give a family, and there sure is no better gift to receive in the mail!

Thanks to the folks at Butterfly Books for making children’s literacy so easy and enjoyable.


I recently purchased a subscription for my niece, who is in Grade 2 French Immersion. Her parents want to promote her English literacy and encourage her to read English language books. This is usually a struggle. But not with the books selected by Helen at Butterfly Books! My niece loves the books selected for her and reads them over and over again. Thank you Butterfly Books for helping to develop this wonderful girl’s love of reading.


My son is always thrilled to receive his Butterfly Books subscription in the mail. The books’ characters always resonate with him and he looks forward to diving into whatever new adventure awaits!


My two kids are so excited when they see the colourfully wrapped and personally addressed packages from Butterfly Books, I sometimes choose to put them on their pillows so they don’t see them until after I’ve fed them. The choices Helen makes for my young kids’ reads are always better than anything I’d find at a big box store, with a great diversity of character, theme and humour. Butterfly Books is like your own librarian, who knows all the best books, and picks just the right ones, brand new, from the overwhelming shelves of the kids section.


Fantastic choices with a really excellent sense of what the girls would like. Thank you!!


Our first exposure to Butterfly Books came when we received a subscription as a gift. Our daughter is too young to get excited when her personalized package arrives in the mail every month, but she certainly is old enough to get excited every time she sees the books! Butterfly Books choices are always among her favourites. There are a few books in our Butterfly collection that will make my 10 month old wiggle with excitement when she sees them!

With that in mind, we’ve given Butterfly Books subscriptions as gifts to many of the kids in our lives. The excited calls we get from kids and their parents every month, telling us how much they love the book and how perfectly it has been chosen to suit their interests and reading level, are really gratifying, and they have actually brought us closer with those friends. We have a busy niece who lives out of town so we don’t get to see her very often any more. Butterfly Books has helped us stay involved in her life.

Thank you Butterfly Books! We will continue to buy subscriptions as gifts, and to get Butterfly Books’ help in turning our daughter into book lover.


We bought a subscription for the son of a friend, and there is no beating the joy on his face when he came to thank us. He was so excited, and the book he got was an absolutely perfect fit for him. The only person happier was his mother, who told us that he insisted on reading the book every night. He can’t wait to find out what the next book will be – neither can we!


This is a great service! I have used it as gifts for a baby, an 11 year old boy, and a 14 year old girl, and the experience for all has been wonderful. The kids (and parents!) are excited to get the beautifully wrapped package in the mail (who gets mail these days?!) and the books themselves have never disappointed.

The books are well researched and selected for each individual and it shows. The baby books were all gorgeous keepsakes (going well beyond the typical Goodnight Moon, etc) and the older kids’ books were also more than the typical bestsellers; unique and mostly award winning books that the kids devoured. No worries about already having read the books, these are ones that I never saw on bookstore shelves.

Good for solid readers looking for fresh reads, and for encouraging those who are having a harder time developing that reading habit. I will definitely be ordering again!


My daughter received books that we would not have found on our own, with interesting characters and perspectives not typically represented, but at the same time the books were fun to read and not too “message-y”. She really looked forward to the next book arriving in the mail. Helen’s attention to detail was great, including checking in on the appropriateness of the reading level and whether adjustments for future books needed to be made.


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