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You choose a 3, 6, or 12 month plan.


Using information you provide about the child who is receiving the books, we’ll create a personalized selection of great books.


Every month the child receives a special delivery in the mail: a giftwrapped book to read and love!

A package in the mail? A gift to unwrap? A book chosen just for them?

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“I’m so happy I gave Butterfly Books a chance! The idea of someone else sending a book to my kids every month was a little different. However, once we got our first book we knew we had made a good decision. The books we received are intriguing and fun. These books are not readily available in typical book stores. Helen takes the time to select books that suit my kids interests and needs. They have quickly become our favourites!”    BN


When you buy a 3, 6, or 12 month Butterfly Books subscription for a special child in your life, you create excitement about books and reading!

After you choose a plan, we’ll ask a few questions about the child, like age, reading level, and interests, and use that information to choose books from our thoughtfully selected collection.

Each month, the child will have the excitement of getting a package in the mail and opening a gift wrapped book chosen just for them!

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Butterfly Books is like your own librarian, who knows all the best books, and picks just the right ones, brand new, from the overwhelming shelves of the kids section.
parent of a 4 and 6 year old

We have a house full of children’s books, and my kids love every one of them. But with my daughter just starting to read, I thought it was important to celebrate and support her new adventure with books. Add to this her longing to receive a package in the mail just for her, and Butterfly Books seemed like the perfect solution. Every month her face lights up when she receives her new book, and the selections have been terrific: interesting, diverse, and customized just for her. This is a wonderful, meaningful gift for any child.
parent of 6 year old

It’s so exciting to see that distinctive Butterfly Books wrapping in the mail.  The books we’ve received so far have been just perfectly chosen for our daughter, and reading them with her has been fun, but also stimulating for her in exciting ways.  Truly, we haven’t just gotten the gift of books, but the gift of reading.  We’ll be giving Butterfly Books to all the kids in our lives.
parent of a 4 month old

I sent Butterfly Books to my nephew for his sixth birthday. He was delighted when I gave him the card and explained what would be coming in the mail. When the first book arrived, he was beyond excited!! And he has been just as thrilled every time a Butterfly Book appears in the mailbox!

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