cover image of Bringing in the New Year

Butterfly Books Recommends: Two Books About Celebrating Chinese New Year

This week, Chinese people all over the world will welcome the Year of the Dog. There are many rich and ancient traditions involved in celebrating Chinese New Year, and getting together with family and friends is central to this holiday. The celebrations continue for 15 days until …

cover image of Love

Butterfly Books Recommends: Love

Beautiful in both its words and its illustrations, Love reminds readers that love is everywhere, always, and can get them through life’s most difficult moments.

cover image of little & lion

Butterfly Books Recommends: Little & Lion

In Little & Lion, Suzette (Little) is home for the summer after a year away. In that year, she’s been trying to figure out her sexual orientation, while her stepbrother Lionel (Lion)’s been trying to adjust to his diagnosis of bipolar disorder. In this confusing and emotional …

cover image of can you make a scary face

Butterfly Books Recommends: Can You Make a Scary Face?

Can You Make a Scary Face? is about a ladybug who likes to play pretend, and invites your child to play along in this funny, interactive book.

cover image of star crossed

Butterfly Books Recommends: Star-Crossed

In Star-Crossed, 12 year old Mattie and her classmates are starring in Romeo and Juliet. There’s drama on and off the stage, especially when Mattie starts to wonder if she has a crush on another girl. Can Mattie be brave enough to not only be herself but …

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