About Butterfly Books

I’m Helen. I’m a mom, a clinical social worker, a lifelong book lover, and the creator of Butterfly Books.

Butterfly Books has two separate parts, both of which come from my passion for books and for growing a love of reading in children.

On the Butterfly Books blog, I recommend both therapeutic and regular books. The blog was inspired by my years of experience as a social worker. Let’s face it, when you cross a social worker with a book lover, you get someone who thinks books can help in any difficult situation! I know from experience that when you find just the right book, it can help open conversations and help children feel less alone.

The subscription service comes from the mom in me. Sharing my love of books with my children has been such a rewarding and fun part of being a parent. But sometimes it’s overwhelming to try to find the right books. It’s so tempting to just pick the bestsellers or the ones I read as a child, when there are so many other amazing books out there! Also, finding books that reflect diversity is a priority for me, and it’s not always an easy thing to do, especially as kids get older.

So, after doing a lot of research and reading, I created an amazing collection of children’s books to share with kids across Canada. But I want to do more than just sell those books. I want to make getting books exciting for children. I want to make it easy for parents to find good quality books and books that reflect diversity. And I want a way for people to feel good, knowing they’re giving a quality gift to a child.

It’s such a pleasure to imagine the excitement each child feels when they open the mailbox and find a package with their name on it. To know they’re discovering books they probably would not have found otherwise. And to know I’m helping to build a lifelong love of books and reading.

I’m happy to talk about books anytime, so please get in touch if you have questions or comments!

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