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Butterfly Books

A place where excitement about books is born and a love of reading is grown!

The excitement of getting a package in the mail, the joy of having a gift to unwrap, and that special feeling when something’s been thoughtfully chosen just for you: it’s an experience children and teens will never forget!

Butterfly Books has a carefully researched collection of books. They’re not the typical bestsellers everyone’s reading, and we’ve paid close attention to the quality of each book’s content and characters.

We use that collection to create a unique booklist for each subscriber. So children and teens can build a library of quality books they’ll come back to over and over again.

How It Works

Giving a child the gift of reading is simple!

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You choose a 3, 6, or 12 month plan.


Using information you provide about the child who’s receiving the books, we’ll create a personalized selection of great books.


Every month the child receives a special delivery in the mail: a giftwrapped book to read and love!

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Each month, Butterfly Books delivers thoughtfully chosen books to children and teens across Canada.

A subscription makes a wonderful gift that keeps giving for months after you give it!

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